– Manage a portfolio not things – 

Treat the assets as a portfolio that is maintained with the purpose of growth. Growth strategies create sustainability and opportunities to expand the asset base through acquisition.

– What is the difference between Advertising, Marketing and Brand Development? –

When your brand becomes a self driven social phenomena, the brand will gain the most momentum, the highest profits and transform itself from being sold to being sought, loved.

– Once compromised, it becomes cancerous –
The cost of a breach is clearly dependent on the value of what’s protected. What’s protected is where a good Cyber Security strategy should start with an analysis of what is being protected, and not just the penetrable parameter. 
– You can be everywhere without being everywhere –
Digital technology offers real time virtual presence, but what’s the cost benefit value? What medium is the best, what will create the biggest impact and invoke the greatest emotions? How do you do more with less?

– Be a light bulb to a candle, change the world –

Disruptive technologies take longer to be accepted and adopted because of consumer cultural resistance. Change the useful experience and the value proposition; make the consumer seek out the disruption voluntarily.

– Where and how to invest locally to reap benefits globally –

Think green not only about mother nature, but also about the most under valued natural resource; people. Invest in building sustainable economic communities that drive productivity and deliver higher profits and better quality of life.

– The only thing that cannot be stolen is wisdom, the most traded currency –
Education isn’t wisdom without experience and emotion. What transforms data into information is usefulness. When education adds to the quality of an experience then education becomes useful. How often have you felt what you learned didn’t apply to your life? How did that make you feel?

 – Studio and Media Placement and Integration – 

Creating a balanced strategy between Legacy and New Media through placement and integration. It’s not just about how many heads and eyeballs, rather the lasting impression that drives revenue.

– Plan an experience, not an event – 
Start with the emotions then an event to invoke those emotions. Events are forgotten, emotions linger. Then own the emotions you invoked, turn it into love.

– Keep at it, or build and sell? When to get out? – 

Most entrepreneurs start with an idea to become successful and fight the thought of getting out. The pot of gold isn’t in the rainbow, rather who’s the next to chase the rainbow. Sell, merge, acquire, go public, make private, or even hand it over to family – all takes a success exit strategy for the pot of gold. You built it, you deserve it.

– Feed the monster rather than fight the monster –
Treat the government as your favorite uncle, close enough to call family, removed enough to not have to deal with every day. Know not just the regulations, but why those regulations exist and how to use them to your benefit. It’s all about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the your perceived enemy.

–The taste may linger, but the experience creates memories that last– 

A motel can just be a bed to sleep on, a restaurant can just be a place to eat, a bar can just be a place to have a drink and a mall can just be a place to shop. What if each of these places gave you an experience that binds your heart, bonds  you through comradeship and excellent service? Will the consumer pay more, come back again and bring others? Profits can be increased when price and quantity isn’t the competing factor.

– Bridging the cultures, not just the countries – 
Multinational markets are best built on cultural awareness and integration without extraneous force. Use the local laws, regulations, and social norms to to propel – know who to ally with.

– Become a Best Selling Author – 

Anyone can publish a book, but only a few become successful as an author. We represent those who wish to become a “Bestselling Author.” Guaranteed Success.

– Consumer intimacy comes from good communication and interaction–

Give your consumers an ongoing reason to think about you, to want to make plans with you, to introduce you to their family and friends, pay your bills and want to see you succeed – no different than a love affair. They need to feel loved to love you back.

– Do it the hard way or the easy way – 

Just because you can sell ice to an Eskimo, should you? Why should Eskimos buy your ice? Do you just compete on price? What makes your ice better? Can a social movement support the value of your ice? Make them want your ice. Consumers pay more for what they want than for what they need.

 – Protecting the Sovereignty and the Constitution –
The enemy infiltrates, changes policy and attacks the the culture, redefining right and wrong killing the nation by relabling national pride as hate, patriotism as racism and rewriting history.
– Good marketing will kill a bad product faster. Good product will die on the vine when poorly launched – 
When, where, how, who, why, design, quality, safety, style, colors, culture, price, all combine to invoke emotions. How do you make the consumer feel?
– Build intimacy with the public –
Public Relations is often misunderstood as who one contacts to get prepackaged information. A great PR campaign builds a feeling of trust and calls the public to have a relationship. 

– Often the best plan is only good for the moment –

Strategy must be fluid. It must take into consideration all information available at the moment but continually adjust to stay a course and reach the end goal. Milestones are stepping stones, miss a few and you are off the path.

– What determines the value of a talent, that one has talent or that others find value in one’s talent? – 

While everyone has at least one talent, it is how the how the talent is developed, packaged, marketed, branded and sold that determines the value and success of the talent.