Actions instead of words; we are with you through each hurdle and deliver success, not just a strategy. 

SPT leadership brings fortune 100 experience from corporations ranging from Microsoft, John Deere, Disney, Johnson Controls, IBM, Fox Studios to startups. We bring a vast set of skills and tools while remaining agile. SPT relies on wisdom and experience rather than temporary expertise. We promote professional development and social outreach for each member so that we remain relevant in our knowledge as well as social awareness.

Businesses and individuals often seek advice from those they trust such as family, friends and professionals. Yet those giving the advice often are not there to assist with the execution or when reality and strategy don’t align.

SPT operates in a very unique manner in that strategies for success are developed using market research through targeted demographics studies and focus groups instead of the agency pitch: flavor of the agency. The Subject matter experts and Fellows transform client and market data into useful information and participates in the integration of the SPT/Client strategies into the operations of the client. Unlike consultants, SPT stays with the client monitoring the implementation while maintaining fluidity necessary for supporting changes in circumstances so that the focus remains on the success rather the obstacles that derail the success.

Circumstances are unpredictable and change often without notice. While one can never prepare for all circumstances, SPT prepares clients for identifying and overcoming the unexpected hurdles due to changing circumstances. SPT assures success.