Social Phenomenon Thinktank’s culture permeates our team, environment, products and solutions.

Before you consider joining Social Phenomenon Thinktank, we advise you to understand and evaluate our commitments and aspirations.

  • Our relationships with one another
  • Our relationships with our clients
  • How we stand behind our commitments

Governing Principles 

At Social Phenomenon Thinktank, we always …

Work closely with our customers to understand and anticipate their needs.

Respond to customers with world-class service based on innovative technology

Pursue enhancements to continually improve customer value

Maintain the security of customer information and ensure their trust in us

Deliver on our commitments to all stakeholders

Encourage employee innovation, initiative and appropriate risk-taking

Foster a work environment that attracts, motivates and retains a high-caliber team.

Respect team members, customers and business partners.

Work cooperatively for the sake of our customers and ahead of internal differences.

Measure our progress.

Conduct business in the highest level of ethics and integrity.

Have fun.

Current Openings 


Social Phenomenon Thinktank is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All current openings, past present and future are based on client project activity and funding. Although Social Phenomenon Thinktank makes an effort to update the listings, there may be positions available that are not listed here, while some of the positions listed here may already be filled or no longer available. For further information, please contact a.macchiavello@sptfellows.com


Social Phenomenon Thinktank’s priority is to provide a family-oriented work environment. In order to accomplish and maintain this environment, the following are key contributions in addition to other standard benefits.

Flexible work hours

Flexible set-your-quota travel, away from home

Flexible work locations

Competitive wages


Paid vacations

Paid holidays

Flex-Use program

As a family-oriented and bottom-line company, Social Phenomenon Thinktank continually makes changes and enhancements to the standard benefits. At the time of employment, a complete list of benefits and a team member handbook will be provided for further clarification.

Internships & Workforce Exchange 

Internships – Workforce Exchange; Social Phenomenon Thinktank’s answer to cultural diversity training. 

Very often, Social Phenomenon Thinktank is approached by external companies for employee exchange. This is a collaborative activity whereby Social Phenomenon Thinktank employees and executives exchange roles with a corporate peer from another company. The resulting benefits are vast as both participants immerse themselves in each other’s culture professionally as well as socially. Many companies have successfully participated in such exchange sessions as a precursor to opening a branch in the US or engaging in business with America. 

Internships – Molding the young movers and shakers of tomorrow 

A good foundation is the key to the longevity of any structure. Social Phenomenon Thinktank believes that same principle applies to ones own life. We believe that the leaders of tomorrow will invest in themselves to day to become well rounded. Understand the economic challenges, social dynamics, social responsibilities, interpersonal skills, cultural diversity and good work ethic.